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Below we show you a general step by step description and photo of our production and packing process. During production and packing for any of our clients tables we are very thorough and keep them updated by photos and emails. We feel that we are creating their piece of art and want them to enjoy bringing their one of a kind piece to life. Our production time for custom making our tables is 4 to 6 weeks (depending on the weather).

Drying Process

Each solid slab of wood we source to create our unique table from we are very attentive in each step of our production process. We sun air dry our slabs for a minimum of 6 months before putting it on the market for clients to view. This is the best way to thoroughly dry out the slab so that their is no chance of warpage or cracking for the many years to come.

Plaining and Hand Sanding

After the drying process we then level the slab by plaining it so it's even on both the top and bottom. We then sand the complete table by hand to make sure the beautiful grain is brought out on the complete slab.

Grain Alignment

When we create the legs for a table with solid wood or customize a table by joining slabs we make sure that we use slabs from the same tree. we then try to align the grain as close as possible to give the overall table a beautiful matching flow.

Hand Lacquer Finishing

As for the finishing process we first apply a primer coat by hand. We then will apply the finishing color of choice from the client by hand. After the finished coat has fully dried we then apply a second coat to make sure the finishing is even.

Spray Finishing Process

We first apply a primer coat by hand. Then we will apply the lacquer finishing weather it is natural, matte or gloss by a hand held sprayer. This way we can evenly apply the finishing to the table as precise as possible.

Spray Finishing Process Repeated

Next after the first lacquer coat is fully dried we will review the entire slab. We will then apply a second lacquer coat for extra protection for long term use.

Finishing Touches

After the finishing process is complete we will quality control the entire table top. If by chance we see any signs of drying uneven we will go over it with the same finishing by hand application.

Final Assembly

We will then assemble the complete table to make sure everything is perfect and exactly as our client specified.

Your Completed Product

We will send you photos of your table complete and assembled for your approval. Then we will disassemble the table to arrange it to professionally packed and crated to be ready to send out to your destination.

Corrugated Paper Wrapping 1

The first step of packing is that we have the table top completely wrapped with corrugated paper. This will help protect your table from being scratched.