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Below are some of the most recent projects we completed this previous year working on together with architects, interior designers, distributors, wholesalers and residential owners. All of the natural live edge solid slab wood tables we created for the projects were custom made to our clients specific requirements and are unique one of a kind pieces as all of our creations are.

Recent Projects

Switzerland Project

We designed this table for a home in Switzerland. We created this table from a reclaimed solid slab of Acacia wood and finished the table top in a Dark Teak wood color and lacquer finish.

Design Center

This is a design showroom that we worked on most of the solid slab wood tables and accessories for. In this photo you can see an overview of natures presence in the space.

Acacia Large Round Slab Table

This table showcased in this gallery is created from a extremely large and rare reclaimed piece of Acacia wood. This solid slab is free form with live edges and comes from the root base of the tree which gives it the most deep and beautiful grain. It is truly a piece of art that will be the main attraction in any room it's in.

Germany Project

This table we created for this hotel lobby in Germany we designed using reclaimed solid Acacia wood slabs which came from the same tree. The overall finished look has the legs and table tops flow with the same matching grain.

4 Meter Long Solid Wood Table

This beautiful large reclaimed Acacia wood solid slab table has deep grain and the sap of the tree on the ends of the slab. We did this slab in a natural finish to show it in it's stunning natural raw appearance.

Natural Showroom Design

We had a great time creating this magnificent large table from a reclaimed solid slab of wood for. We also found this very old large solid teak wood wall carving from Burma.

Kuala Lampur Gallery

This is a showroom in KL, Malaysia which we work together on projects of all types with as well as we custom made reclaimed solid slab wood tables for their showroom to take custom orders on.

Malaysia Showroom Opening Party

Gallery grand opening that we worked together on the overall design and concept. This showroom is modern with a natural feel which we created unique solid slab wood tables and accessories all from reclaimed wood for.

Shanghai Project

This is a great project we worked on together with a interior design firm on very unique solid slab wood tables and special accessories.

Acacia Large Slab Table

This is a large solid acacia wood slab table we custom made for a showroom we work on projects and customized table orders with. It great for a dining, boardroom or for a lobby of a hotel.