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We pride ourselves at Flow for being a family run business that instills our beliefs and values into each high quality live edge solid slab wood table we create and the daily running of our company. As part of our goal, we are committed to excellence and care in all that we do, from production, to customer introduction to final delivery.

As the second generation of a family business we were raised within an environment of appreciation for what we do and a love of doing it. We are a direct manufacturer whose passion and company is based on bridging the gap between raw nature and modern living. We love what we were taught and have used this knowledge to make us successful in our business but along the way we have progressed with the times and have gained our own experiences and skills which we harness to make us even stronger as a company.

The foundation of our company is based on a love and passion for what we do. This passion is easily seen in the quality and beauty of every piece we create. Upon this base we place our deep respect for nature and its aesthetic wonder. We incorporate natural materials, combine them with a modern style revealing their specialness and beauty and preserving it in a work that will be loved and passed from generation to generation as our company has been.

Every aspect or part of what we do is as important as the other. We place great care in all that we do from sourcing out materials, to designs, to production, to quality control all the way to you. Flow works with developers, architects, international designers and project managers across the world to meet the specifics and demanding needs of their customers.